New Up-date 3/10/15 – 9/10/15

THE STORY OF LEICESTER by SIOBHAN BEGLEY is a well researched, expertly written, concise and very informative book which is ripe for re-appraisal. Many books that are classified as local history can be stodgy and daunting to potential readers; this illustrated account takes the reader on an interesting and insightful journey beginning with the origins of Leicester, through the centuries and up to the present day. Siobhan’s book is accessible to readers at all levels; those that have a general interest or are curious to know more about Leicester and as a research tool for students, writers and academics. If you wish to acquire the THE STORY OF LEICESTER; the link to Siobhan’s book on her publisher’s web-site is given here and has also been added to the R L Creative Contacts page.

The Story of Leicester

PUBLISHER’S NOTE : The Story of Leicester traces the evolution of this remarkable city. When the Romans arrived they developed an existing settlement into Ratae, an administrative capital. During the Tudor, Stuart and Georgian periods the town lost status, but remained an important market town. Industrialisation and population growth radically changed Leicester during Victorian times and it became prosperous, its economy underpinned by the hosiery, boot and shoe and engineering industries, forming€“ the basis of modern Leicester. This popular history brings the story of the city up to date and provides new insights that will delight both residents and visitors.


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