New Up-date 17/10/15 – 23/10/15


Daniel Burton is a talented young writer who has self-published his first novel Heartbound (shown here) on kindle and also in paperback format. Part 1 of Daniel’s second novel is currently in the editing stages. Daniel is also a skilled editor. To contact Daniel regarding his many literary services or to buy his book; you will find his contact details have been added to the Contacts page. I am currently reading Heartbound and hope to review it here some time in the near future.


2 thoughts on “New Up-date 17/10/15 – 23/10/15

    • I finished reading your novel ‘Heartbound’ Daniel and enjoyed it immensely. It deserves a wide teenage and adult readership. “I couldn’t put it down”. A cliched comment? Yes; but I couldn’t. “I didn’t want it to end”. Another cliche, but I didn’t. Well done Daniel. I hope you’ll allow me to review the book and publish it here.

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