World AIDS Day December 1st

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Information on the progress of my play publication is on hold for a few days. My editor Daniel Burton and me will be meeting this week , just before the play goes live to Kindle.

In the meantime, please read and look out for more posts from me about the various films (from the period between, and including 1980 and 1990) that concern and deal with AIDS. Please remember to wear a red ribbon and send out the important message that AIDS doesn’t discriminate. It concerns all of humankind.

Remember AIDS

WORLD AIDS DAY is on the horizon and I feel it’s time to reflect on the friends and relations that we have lost, not only to AIDS but any number of diseases and viruses which we can help to prevent but are still waiting for the cures. This moving and energetic song by Zane Campbell originally featured in the final scenes of the American independent picture LONGTIME COMPANION. A film that I would personally recommend that everyone views at least once. It’s not all downbeat. There is humour as well as grief. It also stands as a document of the time between 1980 and 1990 when the world was taken unnawares by the acceleration and scale of this devastating virus (represented here amongst the gay community of New York). Please remember the volunteers and the organisations that sprang out of the chaos to combat AIDS in countries throughout the world, and still do to this day. Please make a voluntary contribution of any kind to your nearest sexual health and AIDS awareness charity on December 1st 2017. Thanks for reading this. Enjoy the song and try to rent or buy the film… you won’t regret watching it. You will laugh… and cry, so keep a box of tissues within reach. Here’s a link to the song by Zane Campbell!

Longtime Companion