Moving Picture Poster Archive And Memorabilia


Here are some of the posters in my archive. Some of them are available for loan out to LGBT film related events and exhibitions and most are available to buy. Please e-mail for details of the loan out cost.

Film Posters NFS = Not For Sale – OTO = Open To Offers

Original UK Quads

Apartment Zero (Rolled-Mint) NFS

Bedrooms and Hallways (Rolled-Mint) NFS

Boulevard (Rolled-Mint) NFS

Boulevard Quad Poster

Brokeback Mountain (Rolled-Mint) NFS

Brokeback Mountain Quad

Campbell’s Kingdom (Folded-Mint-Portrait Format) £100

Campbell Kingdom UK Quad Poster 1957

De-Lovely (Rolled-Mint) £15

Dancer (Rolled-Mint) NFS

Dancer UK Quad

Dance With A Stranger (Rolled-Used-Very Good) £70

Finding North (Rolled-Mint) £300

Finding North Quad Poster

Get Real (Folded-Used-Very Good) £95

Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters

Gods and Monsters (Rolled-Mint) NFS

gods and monsters - cinema quad movie poster (2).jpg

God’s Own Country (Rolled-Used-Excellent) NFS

God's Own Country Quad

Hanging Garden (The) (Rolled-Mint) NFS

The Hanging Garden UK Quad

Hitchcock/Truffaut (Rolled-Mint) NFS

Hitchcock Truffaut Quad Poster

Holding The Man (Rolled-Mint) NFS

Holding The Man Quad

Hollow Reed (Folded-Mint) £50

Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters

In & Out (Rolled-Mint) NFS

Jeffrey (Rolled-Mint) NFS

Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters

Nighthawks (Rolled-Mint) NFS

Nighthawks UK Quad

One Million Years B.C. / SHE (Double Bill) (Rolled-Mint) NFS (Open To Offers Above £300

One Million Years BC - SHE

Passion Of Darkly Noon (The) (Folded-Mint) NFS

Priest (1994) (Folded-Used-Very Good) £75

Making Love (Folded-Mint) NFS

making love - cinema quad movie poster (1).jpg

Sergeant (The) (Rod Steiger) (Folded-Mint) £100

The Sergeant Poster

Silverado (Folded-Used-Very Good) £60

Tom Of Finland (Rolled-Mint) NFS

Tom Of Finland Quad

Undertow (Jamie Bell)(Rolled-Used-Very Good) £40

WEEKEND (Rolled-Mint) NFS

Weekend UK Quad

Original UK Half Sheet

Cry Of The City (Flat-Near Mint-Small Tear Needs Restoration) £50


Hair (Folded-Half Sheet-Mint) £65


Brokeback Mountain (Folded-Large 60×40-Mint) £300

Presque Rien (Folded-Large 60×40-Near Mint) £300

Women In Love (LOVE) (Folded-Half Sheet-Mint) £100

W I Love Poster


Call Me By Your Name (Folded-Large One Sheet-Mint) £300

USA One Sheet

Apartment Zero (Rolled-One Sheet-Mint) NFS

Apartment Zero Poster

Boy Erased (Rolled-One Sheet-Mint) NFS

Boy Erased

Closet Monster (Rolled-One Sheet-Mint) NFS

Closet Monster Poster

Cruising (Folded-One Sheet-Mint) NFS

Cruising USA Original Release One Sheet Film Poster

Gods And Monsters (Rolled-One Sheet-Mint) NFS

Gods And Monsters

Happy Endings (Rolled-One Sheet-Mint) £30

Home At The End Of The World (A)

A home at the end of the world

I Think I Do (Folded-One Sheet-Mint) NFS

I Think I Do Poster

I Want What I Want, To Be A Woman (Folded-One Sheet-Mint) NFS

Kiss Me Guido (Rolled-One Sheet-Mint) NFS

Longtime Companion (Rolled-One Sheet-Excellent to Mint) NFS

Longtime Companion

Love And Death On Long Island (Rolled-One Sheet-Mint) NFS

Love and Death on Long Island Poster

Monkeybone (Rolled-One Sheet-Mint) £15

Monkeybone Poster

Staircase (Folded-One Sheet-Used-W&T Damage) £50

Staircase Poster

Uncut (Rolled-One Sheet-Mint) Open To Offers Above £200

Uncut John Greyson

With Honors (Rolled-One Sheet-Mint) £30

With Honors Poster

USA Half Sheet

Leather Boys (The) (Rolled-Half Sheet-Mint) £200

General Posters

Divine, The Story So Far

(Album Promo Poster (Folded-Mint) £75

Lobby Cards

Torn Curtain x 1 (Excellent) £25

This page is still under construction. Browse, buy or rent selected items in my archive of original posters (generally post 1957) that were produced to advertise UK, USA, Canadian and European films. Keep your peepers peeled for updates! Please e-mail for extra information about individual items of interest.