The Book Launch of More Than A Woman ~ A Play By Russell Liney

Please put this date in your diaries. Come and talk to me about the play and buy a signed copy of the unabridged, first edition paperback book. Enjoy the ambience of the Ellerington Fine Art Gallery: my ideal venue for the event.

A Promotional Book Launch at

Ellerington Fine Art Gallery

190 Clarendon Park Road, Leicester LE2 3AF

11am – 6pm, Saturday September 1, 2018

more than a woman

Bette Cropped

by Leicester Writer ~ Russell Liney

A tragi-comical play set in 1949 about the feminist actress of American cinema Bette Davis and her revolutionary rise to stardom in an industry dominated by men: where the ultimate price of her success is loneliness.

Russell will be signing copies which can

be purchased during the event

Enquiries: or 07771 179 643


… more than a woman. a play by russell liney. the first paperback edition has been printed and is now available to buy.

My play about Bette Davis in which she faces an uncertain future now that she has reached a critical crossroad in her career path and her life as both a woman and an actress is finished. After two years of concentrated effort to bring it to the public in print for the first time, complete with minor alterations to the story and revised and additional dialogue it is to be published in a full-length, unabridged version.

marked woman

Bette was a suffragette of the moving picture industry. Her personal stand for womens equality in the American moving picture industry was monumental at the time (1936) and has become legendary: so has the woman. Her legacy of film performances leaves us in no doubt that she was one of the top three actresses (the other two being Hepburn and Stanwyck) from the golden age of Hollywood film-making that really counted. In spite of her victory and accolades for her acting she paid the ulimate price as a woman…  as you will see.

For now, here’s an appetizer.

beyond the forest

Oh, I’ve made some enemies along the way but I am my own worst enemy. I live by my rules, but by doing so, I’ve consigned myself to a life of loneliness. Loneliness… that’s the price I pay. Life is a lonely thing Bud, unless one meets the right person to share it with. I still haven’t found the right person and I’m not sure that I ever will. But you have! Cherish him, Bud. Keep those embers glowing and you’ll never be lonely again.”




World AIDS Day December 1st

My writing pages are nearly, but not all about Bette Davis.

Information on the progress of my play publication is on hold for a few days. My editor Daniel Burton and me will be meeting this week , just before the play goes live to Kindle.

In the meantime, please read and look out for more posts from me about the various films (from the period between, and including 1980 and 1990) that concern and deal with AIDS. Please remember to wear a red ribbon and send out the important message that AIDS doesn’t discriminate. It concerns all of humankind.

Remember AIDS

WORLD AIDS DAY is on the horizon and I feel it’s time to reflect on the friends and relations that we have lost, not only to AIDS but any number of diseases and viruses which we can help to prevent but are still waiting for the cures. This moving and energetic song by Zane Campbell originally featured in the final scenes of the American independent picture LONGTIME COMPANION. A film that I would personally recommend that everyone views at least once. It’s not all downbeat. There is humour as well as grief. It also stands as a document of the time between 1980 and 1990 when the world was taken unnawares by the acceleration and scale of this devastating virus (represented here amongst the gay community of New York). Please remember the volunteers and the organisations that sprang out of the chaos to combat AIDS in countries throughout the world, and still do to this day. Please make a voluntary contribution of any kind to your nearest sexual health and AIDS awareness charity on December 1st 2017. Thanks for reading this. Enjoy the song and try to rent or buy the film… you won’t regret watching it. You will laugh… and cry, so keep a box of tissues within reach. Here’s a link to the song by Zane Campbell!

Longtime Companion

News-flash! Exclusive!

Well, that’s the makeover sorted! I’m ‘More Than A Woman’ and all ready for my nationwide book signing tour. What I need now is to get the darn thing published!

Bette Davis as Margo Channing in the film 'All About Eve'

A Betteflix original play ‘More Than A Woman’… or ‘An evening in the company of a falling star’ (none other than Bette Davis, by the way) will soon be ready to go to print and they’ll be cuttin’ down trees to supply the demand for the paperback book.

Stand well back, Jack… it’s gonna be a whopper!

Here’s Bette with her chopper! Timm-berrr!

New Update 08/10/2017


A play based on the life and career of the actress BETTE DAVIS

LATEST NEWS-FLASH! No-one’s as GOOD as Bette when she’s BAD! The woman is downright ‘DANGEROUS’. An out-and-out ‘JEZEBEL’.

My play about the wide-eyed, ambitious, talented, fearless and possibly the greatest actress of all time to grace the silver screen, is now nearing the end of the final editing stage before being published to paperback. First performed by L U Theatre (Leicester University Theatre) it follows Bette’s slow progression from inexperienced wide eyed ingenue through a series of mediocre parts to her courageous stand at Warner Brothers studio, battling with studio chief Jack Warner for better roles for women. She matures to become the ultimate film actress starring in a long line of successful pictures. Her sad but inevitable decline to second rate roles at the hands of Jack Warner begs the question …. will this falling star rise again?

Lovers of film, theatre & cabaret; performers and theatre companies; all will find something of interest in this multi-layered play about a fascinating woman’s life.

Keep your peepers peeled for more regular up-dates and … 


… “Fasten your seat-belts” until the next exciting instalment. This play is sure as hell gonna be a God damn revelation, even to the initiated!

New Up-date 17/10/15 – 23/10/15


Daniel Burton is a talented young writer who has self-published his first novel Heartbound (shown here) on kindle and also in paperback format. Part 1 of Daniel’s second novel is currently in the editing stages. Daniel is also a skilled editor. To contact Daniel regarding his many literary services or to buy his book; you will find his contact details have been added to the Contacts page. I am currently reading Heartbound and hope to review it here some time in the near future.