New Up-date 10/10/15 – 16/10/15

I’m almost a week late with my writing up-date so I hope you’ve not all been holding your breath in all that time. I don’t have much to share regarding my story except that after a slow start it’s beginning to take shape. The plotting I found was easy. The main task of making a start with the writing of it proved harder than I’d anticipated but now the words are beginning to flow and I’ve shifted to automatic drive. The important thing (if any of you are thinking of taking up writing) is to always, no matter where you are (at work, in the shower, wherever) have a pen and note-pad with you. There’s going to be a time when that turn of phrase or line of dialogue you just imagined will be lost for ever because you never got it down quick enough. Some of what I consider to be the better lines in my play MORE THAN A WOMAN were written down in haste while on the move and not when seated at my desk. I generally write directly onto a laptop device but first off I write and re-write manually, editing the text until I feel it’s ready to add to the word document. Scribbling and making notes is actually very soothing and I think enhances the creative process, although too many manual notes can confuse the flow. That is more or less it for now except that I’m excited about how the story is developing. Can anyone answer me this … when does a short story become a novella? I’m not sure the term short story will apply to this one for much longer!

BETTE DAVIS (as KIT MARLOWE) “Well Millie darling; I enjoyed reading it but isn’t it a bit long”?

MIRIAM HOPKINS (as MILDRED WATSON DRAKE) “Oh do you think so? I could have gone on for twice as long”.

On this project I’m trying to keep the dialogue tight, economical and to the point within the plot structure.


New Up-date 26/9/15 – 2/10/15

Here is some exciting news to end the week with! I am really happy that my play; MORE THAN A WOMAN has been enthusiastically reviewed by the writer, editor and reviewer Jo Sennitt. The review is to be published on the Everybody’s Reading Festival website along with many other reviews covering a wide variety of creative subjects. Not only has Jo reviewed the play as a piece of writing but also the 19/6/15 performance by L U Theatre. Credit is due to the L U Theatre cast and crew for bringing the play brilliantly to life. Thanks to Jo Sennitt, L U Theatre and all those who came to see the play and support L U Theatre. Click on the link here to read Jo Sennitt’s review. More Than A Woman Review

New Work In Progress Up-date 12/9/15 – 18/9/15

WELCOME to RUSSELL LINEY CREATIVE. This HOME page will provide regular up-dates about my written work, photography and fine art and will also contain informative posts and reviews covering all aspects of the creative arts; past and present.

Gay Ghostlyness In Grim Winter and Gay Passion In (and probably under) The Greenwood (tree).

Hello friends and followers! It’s been a week of hard thinking and plotting and finally I have the bare bones of a novella (working title : Outlaws Of The Greenwood) and a short ghost story for Winter (working title : Face At The Window) put together and I’m now ready to start scribbling. Those of you who know my play MORE THAN A WOMAN (see the Writing page) won’t be surprised to know that there will be some gay goings-on in the greenwood and some ghostly gayness to grace the granite greyness of a week in Winter. Stay up to date with my  writing news and over the coming months prepare to be moved and aroused or just scared witless.