New Up-date 24/10/15 – 27/11/15

A Winter Mystery

Winter Lighthouse

Volunteer readers required and feed-back wanted

Hello to my followers and future followers! This is my first up-date in a month; not, I am happy to say due to writers block but due to writing and re-writing frenzy. The strange thing about getting really absorbed in written work is that I lose track of the time completely. Consequently most things that I’d normally be doing have been suspended and I’m becoming very focused. When writing is flowing well a period of four hours feels like five minutes. It’s great when you realise how absorbed the mind has been and how productive. It’s mentally very tiring though also compulsive and you have to know when to stop in case the standard of work drops. How weird is this! I set out to write a short story but it has become obvious to me that it is going to end up as a novella or a full length novel. The working title is still THE FACE AT THE WINDOW, but that will change. I haven’t a fixed title in my head yet but there are plenty in reserve floating around the little grey cells. I’d like some help from a few volunteer readers please. I am limiting the amount of reading to just a couple of pages per person at this stage. Just a few hundred words each, which wouldn’t take up much time. If you’d like to participate and send me your opinion as feed-back please contact me and I will send a PDF word document of the general synopsis and a small portion of the story.