New Work In Progress Up-date 12/9/15 – 18/9/15

WELCOME to RUSSELL LINEY CREATIVE. This HOME page will provide regular up-dates about my written work, photography and fine art and will also contain informative posts and reviews covering all aspects of the creative arts; past and present.

Gay Ghostlyness In Grim Winter and Gay Passion In (and probably under) The Greenwood (tree).

Hello friends and followers! It’s been a week of hard thinking and plotting and finally I have the bare bones of a novella (working title : Outlaws Of The Greenwood) and a short ghost story for Winter (working title : Face At The Window) put together and I’m now ready to start scribbling. Those of you who know my play MORE THAN A WOMAN (see the Writing page) won’t be surprised to know that there will be some gay goings-on in the greenwood and some ghostly gayness to grace the granite greyness of a week in Winter. Stay up to date with my  writing news and over the coming months prepare to be moved and aroused or just scared witless.